Marlin Marine has been designing and producing underwater photography equipment for 15 years. Long enough to acknowledge the amount of abuse and wear the sea and its surrounding environment can generate.

Having made the transition from bubble blower to silent diver, our biggest concern was to protect our rebreather's rather delicate construction. Watching the units bouncing in the back of vehicles and inflatable dive boats we use was disconcerting. 

Although the Poseidon is a great recreational rebreather. it has little or no protection. Even removing one of the tanks for refilling meant the unit tended to fall over. Carrying it wasn't easy either and the accessory Poseidon handle merely bolted onto the plastic cannister top. 

Even in the water, the vulnerability of the solenoid and paddle electrics was of concern. Most other rebreathers have a protective cover and this is what we set about to recreate using our own MK6 units as test beds. After numerous testing and modifications, we have produced a product which is easy to configure, use and afford. The cylinders,head unit and filter cannister can be removed from the cage in mere seconds. The only material touching your aluminium filter cannister is engineering plastic. This protective system can be used with any harness system or recreational BC.

Our new protective cage does not increase the size of the rebreather and we have 2 models to suit either the aluminium or steel tanks.

The Marlin Marine protective cage can be flat-packed to reduce shipping costs and can be easily assembled using the supplied instructions.

The Marlin Marine protective cage offers several advantages which will enhance and protect your investment in diving:

  • Cylinders,filter cannister, head and battery unit are well protected and secure before, during and after a dive.
  • Strong robust handle makes the rebreather easy to carry.
  • Cylinders are completely secure inside the cage with their own inbuilt tank boots.
  • The complete cage has a snag free design.
  • The high-density polyethylene laser cut bulkheads and back cover are completely corrosion and UV resistant.
  • The framework and handle is stainless steel 316 marine quality.
  • The back dome window ensures that the battery alarm light is easily visible.
  • Weights can be easily attached to adjust diver trim.